Class Notes


1. Learn how to begin differentiating instruction using technology.
  • Starting a wiki then watching it grow!
  • Reaching reluctant learners.
2. Find tools to address the reasons for differentiating.
  • What are the problems you will encounter when differentiating instruction?
    • high prep time
    • difficult to assess
    • different assignments are "unfair"
    • hard to know each individual child
    • too much work!
  • Why do we want to differentiate instruction for children?
    • kids will work harder with the right task
    • multiple learning styles
    • classroom management
    • more enthusiastic, like more choices
    • see sense of accomplishment
    • students feel valued
  • How does technology resolve the initial issues that teachers have with differentiating instruction?
    • drill & practice for math
    • different websites
    • response clickers
    • Today's Meet - like Cover it Live
    • blogs

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